EAST JAKARTA MEDIA (Indonesia) 01/2013 – Interview with Yuichi Kudo(DESECRAVITY)

EJM1: Hello. . can you tell me the history of Desecravity?

Hi, I founded DESECRAVITY in late 2007 and started an audition. We have changed members several times but now we are formed four solid members. We released the our 1st full-length album IMPLICIT OBEDIENCE via Willowtip Records(USA) in early 2012. It has been highly acclaimed not only in Japan but also in United States and Europe.And we have toured in Asia and of course in Japan as well, and have planned touring in Europe spring 2013.

EJM2: Who are the current line up?

Yuichi Kudo – Drums
Yujiro Suzuki – Guitars/Vocals
Daisuke Ichiboshi – Bass
Shogo Tokita – Guitars/Vocals

EJM3:. Tell us about Japan’s music scene and how well you guys fit in it.?

I’m not able to talk much about Japan’s music scene from lack of knowledge. I usually don’t watch TV, read magazine and any kind of media stuff related Japanese music. I am not negative on it at all. It’s just my life style and I’m not able to reach them so well.But hopefully metal scene is getting growing here and we are just part of it.

EJM4:. Regarding the album “IMPLICIT OBEDIENCE” . What are the things that affect you in creating the songs?

Everything what I’ve experienced influence my music. All songs I wrote are as my children and has story and individual character.

EJM5: song “Demonize The Old Enemy , Enthralled In Decimation & The Collapse Of Religion ” tells the story of what the lyrics?

Every lyric in this band is about myth,religion and history. I like these kind of contents. When I write a song, it’s decided rough theme of lyric at the same time and then I make a story(song) along with lyric and riffs. You can have your own interpretation freely with our song/lyric.

EJM6: Experience and any obstacles during the recording process?

Everything was going well, we had no obstacle on the recording.

EJM7: Who are these people other than Desecravity who helped on the album “IMPLICIT OBEDIENCE” ?

Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal,ex-Morbid Angel) mixed/mastered the album . It was amazing work and polished our sound.And Ryohei Hase did the artwork. It’s also great work. The art is one of my favorites I’ve ever seen.

EJM8 : What you know about the Indonesian metal band? (please specify the name of the band)

I know many bands so it’s difficult to put them here. Especially when we toured in Indonesia, all bands supported us and they performed amazing shit, also people are so kind. I have really good memory with them.

EJM9: How’s been the fans response about playing in Indonesia?

It was so crazy. There were great audience who moshed and screamed all the time. I love to play in Indonesia.

EJM10: What do you think of MP3 downloads from independent bands without having to pay for it?

It is not a good thing, but it’s difficult problem for entire music scene. If listeners buys MP3/CD, it will save to their favorite band and is of mutual benefit.

EJM11: How do you entertain yourselves on tour? Do you read books or watch movies? What would you recommend? Especially musically.?

I usually play guitar for writing, go eat local food and train muscles.

EJM12: If you could let your fans know one thing what would it be?

We want to play in Indonesia some times soon again so stay tuned!

EJM13: Please list your last sentence to “JAKARTA EAST MEDIA”

Thank you for the interview. We look forward to seeing you.

EJM14: Well, here we come to the end of the interview. It was really pleasure talking to you. Looking forward to experience some great music that we have been craving for a long time!

My pleasure and thank you!

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