T.F.M. EXTREME MUSIC (USA) 01/2013 – Interview with Yuichi Kudo drummer for the band DESECRAVITY from Tokyo, Japan.

TFM: The following interview and band for that matter is not for the faint at heart. Prepare to be crushed beyond the unthinkable realms of brutality. Desecravity comes to us from the wonderful country of Japan. A country that is thriving with not only an abundance of culture, food and history but with an incredible concentration of musical talents as well. Their brutal technical death metal will leave your eardrums bleeding but begging for more at the same time. We were able to have a chat with Yuichi Kudo, who is responsible for punishing the drum kit without any mercy. Here’s what he had to say. Thank you for taking the time. What kind of a back ground can you give us about Desecravity?

Yuichi: First of all, before I started DESECRAVITY, I had lived in the United of States and Canada for several years. After I came back to my hometown Tokyo, Japan, I formed DESECRAVITY in late 2007. The first member is Yujiro who joined as a guitar player and vocals in the same year, and over the next several years, we have changed members dozens of times. Now we have Daisuke on the bass and Shogo on guitars & vocals, both who are really professional and solid members. I am so proud to be with them.

TFM: Implicit Obedience was released earlier last year. How has the overall response been towards the LP? Are you surprised and satisfied with these results?

Yuichi: Absolutely satisfied! We’ve gotten so many positive results more than expected, especially in the United States and Europe. We have been getting visibility in the global metal scene day by day. Also, when I gave our demo to Erik for mixing & mastering the first time, I got a good reaction from him. Accordingly I have confidence from getting a positive result.

TFM: I believe Willowtip handled the release of Implicit Obedience. How did you manage to gain the attention from the label? Did you have other labels that offered to release your LP?

Yuichi: It was very simple, I did nothing special other than send the demo to labels, fortunately we got some offers , especially from European labels. One day, I got the opportunity to talk with Jason, who is the president of Willowtip, he was interested in our music and I decided to sign a deal with Willowtip which I had hoped for. I was so happy at the time.

TFM: With the release of the album, I managed to see that some Japanese tour dates are posted on your official site. Have you had the opportunity to venture off into other countries to promote the album?

Yuichi: Yes, after the album was released, we toured around South-Eastern Asia first before touring Japan. It was a short tour though, but it was really successful. The Japan tour in 2012 was also very successful and we had a great time with all the fans and everyone who supported us. If we could have more time, we would’ve wanted to tour other cities as well. However, we had already planned a follow up Japan tour in early 2013 and will be playing with ABORTED, SYSTEM DIVIDE, DEVOUR THE MARTYR and EMPIRE. This hasn’t been announced yet though we have been planning another tour in Europe spring 2013.

TFM: Your drumming is unrelenting. How long have you been playing the drums and what is a typical drum practice session for you like?

Yuichi: I have played the drums since I was 15 or 16 years old. Well, I usually start stretching muscles and warming up with some basic strokes, then play DESECRAVITY’s songs and have a jam session with fusion and latin music for fun. I like playing other kinds of music. I am also the main song writer in this band, I wrote new riffs and played the drums with them, it makes me more creative for song writing while playing the drums.

TFM: Would you care to elaborate on the kit that you’re presently using?

Yuichi: I have two drum kits, one of them is for recording, which is a Pearl drum set with Sabian cymbals. My other kit is an acrylic drum set and Zildjian cymbals for live sessions. All hardware is Pearl, heads are Remo, sticks are VicFirth and kick pedals are Trick drums. And I use triggers only for the kick drums. The module I use for the triggers is Alesis.

TFM: Are there any particular drummers that you look up to?

Yuichi: I have a bunch of favorite drummers, it’s so difficult to pick particular drummers, but off the top of my head, Virgil Donati, Marco Minneman, Horacio Hernandez, Flo Mounier, Ray Luzier, Dave Dicenso, Akira Jimbo, Billy Cobham and so on. I usually listen to lots of different kinds of music, so the drummers I mentioned above are not only metal, but also Latin, Fusion, Jazz, Funk and so on, there’s no need to explain who the are, they are big artists.

TFM: For your upcoming European tour that you’re planning for 2013, if you could hand pick some of the bands that could embark with you on the tour, who would they be?

Yuichi: As a matter of fact, I haven’t heard all the bands who will tour with us, the tour agency has already selected some European bands for the tour. It will be the first tour in Europe for us, and we are really excited. There are so many great bands in Europe, I cannot pick any bands in particular.

TFM: Describe the scene in Japan, it’s always been known for producing an incredible amount of music from every genre of music out there. Some of my favorite bands are from Japan.

Yuichi: Well, I think entire metal scene in Japan has been growing everyday and in these later years, there is a gradual increase in the number of bands who play out of Japan. Not so long ago, only a handful of bands would have been able to do. But now, I believe the Japanese metal scene is getting bigger on the international scale.

TFM: What lies ahead for you? What future plans are there for the band?

Yuichi: We have many plans in the future. Though there are some things I cannot announce officially for now, we have already announced a tour in Japan with ABORTED in February of 2013, and a tour in Europe in the spring of 2013, we have also recieved some offers for summer and winter. We will announce any updates in due time.

TFM: Any last words?

Yuichi: Thank you Marco, I enjoyed interview very much!