Implicit Obedience (2012)

Track List
1. Into The Unknown
2. Enthralled In Decimation
3. Immortals’ Warfare
4. Demonize The Old Enemy
5. Hades
6. Condemnation
7. The Collapse Of Religion
8. Extinction With Hatred
9. Dark Dimension

Track1,3,4,5,6,8,9 written by Yuichi Kudo
Track2,7 written by Yuichi Kudo and Yujiro Suzuki
All lyrics written by Yuichi Kudo and Yujiro Suzuki
Recorded January 2010 in Tokyo, Japan
Mixed and Mastered at Mana Recording Studios in Florida,USA in June 2011 by Erik Rutan
Cover Artwork by Ryohei Hase

Label: Willowtip Records (USA)

Release Date: Jan 24th,2012

LABEL DESCRIPTION (Willowtip Records)

From the "Land of the Rising Sun" comes DESECRAVITY, a whirlwind of musical ferocity and auditory savagery. Inspired by fellow speed-freaks Hate Eternal, Origin, and Krisiun, DESECRAVITY’s debut album Implicit Obedience is a pulverizing exercise in extremity.

“This stuff is really crazy. It’s like death metal and twisted, insane shit; if I had to compare it to something, [I’d say it’s] in the vein of Origin as far as really technical kind of stuff.” — Erik Rutan



Metal Review (USA)

Few things are more satisfying than discovering a death metal record that ticks all the right boxes, yet still feels oh-so-fresh. An album that scratches that perpetual itch for skull-liquifying devastation, but also triggers an owl-necked “Where the fuck did this come from?”

Apoch’s Metal Review (USA)

Japan has seen a good number of Metal bands that have found worldwide distribution, or at the least have made their way to store shelves, physically or digitally, in North America. It’s great to actually see this, as there are a number of impressive acts from that region which, ten years ago, probably never would have seen it too far away from their home country.

Metal Sucks (USA)

Freneticism is the perfect way to describe this insane debut from Japanese four-piece Desecravity. On par with last year’s releases from like-minded masters Origin and Hate Eternal, Desecravity crank up the guitars, toss in some groove, and display a level of dexterity on their instruments as to defy reality. (USA)

Unholy cow! What’s this, the second coming of old Cryptopsy, circa None So Vile!? Nope, it’s Japan’s Desecravity releasing their monstrous debut on Willowtip, a label with a keen eye for exceptionally well done, rather quirky death metal. Not only does Willowtip recognize the potential within Desecravity, but so does uber death metal guitarist/front man/producer extraordinaire Erik Rutan, as he becomes the genius behind the production of Implicit Obedience, a coup for a little known band if there ever was one.

A.V.Club (USA)

Where Abigail Williams soars, Desecravity steamrolls. The Japanese outfit’s new full-length, Implicit Obedience, opens on an epic, churchlike note, but from there, it’s all power and speed; injecting death-metal mayhem with a jazzy, almost Meshuggah-esque technicality,

American Aftermath (USA)

You ever know the feeling of being surrounded by a swarm of hornets, wasps, and killer bees? Like you know they’re around but they are in the midst of attacking you and causing you fear and distress? That’s the kind of feeling you’ll have once you listen to the debut album from Tokyo, Japan based quintet Desecravity.

Rock Music Critic (USA)

When the need for new music strikes me I’m like a junky sick for a fix. I start frantically looking around online for something I haven’t heard before that will satisfy my need, and I’m not always real discriminating about what I stick in my ears. If there isn’t anything that immediately jumps out at me I start trying clips from bands I’ve never heard before. Eventually I’ll pick whatever seems the most likely to please and pull the trigger in iTunes. Then I sit back, sigh and enjoy watching the tracks as they slowly download to my iPhone.

CHOKING on BILE (Holland)

Death metal en Japan is een wat gekke combinatie. Er komen maar weinig echte death metal bands uit het land van de rijzende zon, maar wat er vandaan komt is vaak kwalitatief dik in orde. Blijkbaar heeft Desecravity het dusdanig goed voor elkaar dat de band is opgepikt door Willowtip, een label dat bekend staat om de hoge kwaliteit van zijn releases.

Meat Mead Metal (USA)

Now for some metal, and I feel kind of bad talking about a beer can that reminds me of the Allies’ triumphs in WWII and seguing into a piece about a Japanese death metal band, but we’re all friends now, right? What I’m on about is “Implicit Obedience,” the debut full-length from Desecravity.

Slug Magazine (USA)

Desecravity = Origin + Krisiun + Nile Do you look for groundbreaking, game-changing music in your death metal? If you do, you better stop. Most of the bands trying to do anything groundbreaking these days sound like a sideshow with a wet spot for prog metal or jazz or whatever other non-metallic style they’re trying to toss in with their wank-fest of an album.

AUX (Canada)

If you’re going to go technical, you’d better hope you’ve got the hooks to work it. Desecravity certainly sound well on their way, rushing through a sound that’s immediately reminiscent of Quebec’s Beneath the Massacre but with more of a penchant for actual songwriting.

Under The Industry (USA)

Sometimes a band comes a long and just blows away any expectations you had leaving you speechless. Today, for me, that bands is Japan’s Desecravity. These guys are playing some of the best death metal with a technical edge I have heard in a long while.

Teeth of the Divine (USA)

A handful of lesser known, lower profile releases of brutal/technical death metal have grabbed my attention of late; the likes of Pyrrhon, Nocturnal Torment, and Parasitized have shown that there is still plenty of new bands from unexpected realms delivering material to compare to big boys like Origin, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Spawn of Possession and such, and here is the debut from Japan’s Desecravity to prove just that.

Metal Storm (Finland)

Japanese brutal death metal. Guess how crazy this shit’s gonna be? Well… it’s not like Sigh meets Suffocation crazy, but there’s definitely a unique element to Desecravity’s sound: riffs. Like a fuck-ton of face-melting, brutal, technically-driven riffs.

Technical Death (USA)

[Roar of the demonically possessed.] Then, old sounding man: “I do that rather well, don’t you think?”
In fact, Desecravity, you do that strikingly well. So well that I am reminded of another death metal classic. Can YOU guess what it is?

Suicide Scriptures (United Kingdom)

The war machine of the 20th century has increased its domination, the PR face layering the obvious brutality with the silky, smooth, serpentine words of the charming winning hearts and minds with the veracity of their patriotic belief.? The moral necessity of war becomes economic necessity.

The Offering (USA)

Seriously…….Japanese DEATH METAL!!! I don’t know how the Japanese can make something awesome even better than it already is at times. They make better stories, better myths, better movies and now quite possibly better death metal. Desecravity show they can be as brutal as the rest of the bands from Europe and America in their latest album, ‘Implicit Obedience’.

Guttural Death (World Wide)

Formed by Yuichi Kudo (drums), Keisuke Takagi (guitars), Yujiro Suzuki (vox/guitars) and Toshihiro Inagaki (bass), DESECRAVITY finally came to fill the gap left by INFECTED MALIGNITY in my collection, which already resented by the lack of a great japanese name to carry the flag of extreme metal.